Miss Havisham is delighted in the way Estella torments Pip....

Pip goes back to Satis House and finds Miss Havisham and Estella in the same banquet room. Pip breaks down and confesses his love for Estella. Estella tells him straight that she is incapable of love -- she has warned him of as much before -- and she will soon be married to Drummle.

The entire novel is him seeking his “Great Expectations”.

Great Expectations is a book by Charles Dickens completed in 1861. Great Expectations literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Great Expectations.

Havishman and the girl who lives with her, named Estella.

Character Analysis  Pip is the main character and first-person narrator of Great Expectations.

With her plan of revenge in mind, Miss Havisham deliberately raises Estella to avoid emotional attachment and treat those who love her with cruelty....

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Estella was raised to break men’s hearts as a revenge for Miss Havisham’s severely broken heart from her youth, and Pip becomes a toy for the two, some one for Estella to practice her charm and cruelty on.

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As their friendship develops, Herbert helps and supports Pip through hard times. He is a hard-working boy with aspirations of business success that Pip finds unlikely. Later, however, in appreciation of his friendship, Pip secretly extends financial help to Herbert in order to make his dreams a reality. Later, when Pip has realized the futility of his own great expectations, he follows Herbert’s example and even works for him as a clerk. All along, Herbert has been practical while Pip was lost in his dreams. He is a good stabling influence on Pip.

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Great Expectations is a novel in which Charles Dickens utilizes the theme of imprisonment and captivity to help the reader better their exploration of his characters.

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Then his Uncle Pumblechook brings him to the mansion of Miss Havisham, in which life is lived at twenty minutes to nine and daylight does not exist, and where Pip meets her adopted daughter, the beautiful Estella.

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Pip goes home and Herbert takes care of his burns. Herbert has been spending some time with Magwitch at Clara's and has been told the whole Magwitch story. Magwitch was the husband of Jaggers' servant woman, the Tigress. The woman had come to Magwitch on the day she murdered the other woman and told him she was going to kill their child and that Magwitch would never see her. And Magwitch never did. Pip puts is all together and tells Herbert that Magwitch is Estella's father.