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Sohan L. Manocha, now a lawyer, and Harold Warner, professor emeritus of biomedical engineering at Emory University medical school in Atlanta, received a similar letter in 1974 from the editor of AMA's . The editor rejected a report Manocha and Warner submitted on enzyme changes in monkeys who were drinking fluoridated water because of reviewers' comments such as: "I would recommend that this paper not be accepted for publication at this time" because "this is a sensitive subject and any publication in this area is subject to interpretation by anti fluoridation groups."

 He is demanding €20,000 (£14,000) in compensation and to have his account reactivated.

Fluoridation was now in the open and it has since been dragged out into the arena periodically for the past 15 years. The public has grown bored with it.

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PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, in a statement on Thursday, described as scandalous that the Federal Government is attempting to slander the media and sway it with cooked-up figures, forgetting that media practitioners are also Nigerians, who are direct witnesses and victims of the woes of the APC misrule.

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In November 1962 and 1965, ADA included in its journal long directories of information about anti-fluoridation scientists, organizations, leaders, and others known to be opposed to fluoridation. Listed in alphabetical order were reputable scientists, convicted felons, food faddists, scientific organizations, and the Ku Klux Klan. Information was given about each, including quotes from newspaper articles, some of which contained false data. The information was published for use by proponents of fluoridation in local fluoridation referenda.

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Dr. W.H. Hill, medical officer of health for the City of Calgary, was soon to retire, a broken man, and he did not have long to live He was a victim of persecution because of his brave stand over fluoridation advising caution against the fluoridation of the city water supply, Hill was abused by councillors, attacked by dentists and victimized by some of his medical colleagues.

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One example is the false information about the late George L. Waldbott, founder and chief of allergy clinics in four Detroit hospitals, that ADA disseminated widely to discredit the validity of his research. Rather than deal scientifically with his work, ADA mounted a campaign of criticism based largely on a letter from a West German health officer, Heinrich Horning. The letter made a number of untrue statements, including an allegation that Waldbott obtained his information on patients' reactions to fluoride solely from the use of questionnaires. ADA published Hornung's letter in its journal in 1956 and distributed a news release based on the letter. ADA later published Waldbott's response to this letter. But the widely disseminated original news release was not altered or corrected, and continued to be published in many places. As late as 1985, it was still being quoted. Once political attacks effectively portrayed him as "anti fluoridation," Waldbott's work was largely ignored by physicians and scientists.

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At the outset Dr Hill was not opposed to fluoridation, I know, I broke the story. What happened was this: The campaign was getting into gear behind the scenes. The way it suddenly flooded North America was a triumph of propaganda and, like all large-scale publicity operations, it was backed by funds, large funds which were not raised from impoverished reporters. One year (1949?) the American Dental Association was resolving to launch a campaign to discourage the consumption of pop. Next year pop was forgotten as the mighty union jumped on the bandwagon for fluorides.