The Categorical Imperative is NOT the Golden Rule

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This is the categorical imperative.

At first, Kant extracted categorical imperative from the concepts of goodness, will and obligation and enacted some rational principles, then, he plans to map out moral metaphysic through categorical imperative.

This is also known as his “categorical imperative”.

Finally, I will evaluate two maxims to determine if the violate the categorical imperative.

There's quite a bit of scholarly debate concerning what Kant means when he insists on the unity of the various formulations of the categorical imperative; the general consensus seems to be that they all would generate the same duties.

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While it is possible to learn imperatives of skill and prudence that are morally neutral through observation, the categorical imperative that allows one to determine what actually is moral is known and can only be properly determined through reason.

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When Kant applies the categorical imperative to this situation he discovers that it leads to a contradiction, for if breaking promises were to become universal then no person would ever agree to a promise and promises would disappear.

the Categorical Imperative is not equal to the Golden Rule.

Most famously, he holds that all categorical imperatives can be derived from a single one, which is known as "the" Categorical Imperative (capitalized); it is upon this Imperative that the article will focus.

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The categorical imperative on its own cannot differentiate between a prudential maxim and one that is truly moral--this requires a longer and more complex method of reasoning.

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If you can imagine a world in which everyone spat out their gum on the sidewalk this would go through the hypothetical imperative but you wouldn't want to live in this world so it wouldn't go through the categorical imperative.

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In order to support my point of view, I will give importance to the reasons of why rulers appeal to categorical imperative when making foreign policy, so I have two reasons for this.