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War artist Richard Jack portrays the Canadian stand during the Second Battle of Ypres, which he did not witness. He painted this enormous work of art, with the canvas 371.5 by 589.0 centimetres, in his London studio. It was the first of almost a thousand works, by over one hundred artists, commissioned by the Canadian War Memorials Fund (CWMF), an organization established by Lord Beaverbrook to document Canada's war effort. Sir Edmund Walker, who sat on the advisory board to the CWMF, felt that Jack captured the achievements of the Canadians during the battle, but felt the work would not resonate with Canadians, who, he felt, were "not likely to appreciate such realistic treatment of war." He was wrong and Jack's painting remains an iconic work from the First World War.

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A Country by Consent is a national history of Canada which studies the major political events that have shaped the country, presented in a cohesive, chronological narrative. Many of these main events are introduced by an audiovisual overview, enlivened by narration, sound effects and music.

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WWI Other Countries: OC-1395 Very rare grouping for an American Volunteer, Lawrence Sherman, who joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces by lying about his age.

The war encouraged national sentiment and overt displays of patriotism, but it also aggravated ethnic tensions and prejudices and led to the prosecution of many so-called "enemy aliens." Lean about the war's harmful effects on some Canadian communities.