Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins

Another great example is what’s known as the “double slit experiment.” This study found that factors associated with consciousness such as meditation, experience, and electrocortical markers of focused attention have an influence on material reality. (4)

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There are also records from Alexandriathat indicate a steady stream of Buddhist monks and philosophers who, living inthat area, which was at the crossroads of commerce and ideas, influenced thephilosophical currents of the time.

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In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity we have the doctrine ofDivine Incarnation.

The city of Najran in Arabia, not far distantfrom Mecca, also was Christian and Monophysite (cf. H. Lammens, "'LaMecque A la veille de I'Hegire," Beyrouth, I924, pp. 256-7, 289-90). Itis not possible to identify a Monophysite centre for the transmissionof Greek culture to the Arabs with the same assurance as the Nestorianmedium at Jundi-Shapur can be identified, but this contact must not beignored. The Monophysite centres of learning, it is true, weremonasteries, not academies like Jundi-Shapur, and so not so intimatelyin touch with the Arabs as the Nestorian school, but there was incontact, as appears from the fact that the mysticism of thepseudo-Dionysius and Hierotheus was brought to bear on the formation ofMuslim philosophy. But a great deal of pro-Greek influence came toBaghdad through Marw and, bearing in mind how Marutha extended theMonophysite episcopate to those eastern parts, it seems probable that aMonophysite element played its part through Marw, even though there wasalso a Nestorian bishop there.

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The authors also mentioned another very interesting point, that “esthetic and intentional qualities associated with the traditional tea ceremony may have subtle influences that extend beyond the ritual itself.” (6)

Basic Buddhism: The Theory of Karma

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karma and vipaka ; what is the cause of karma

“One randomly assigned group blindly received tea that had been intentionally treated by three Buddhist monks; the other group blindly received untreated tea from the same source. On the last day of the test, each person indicated what type of tea he/she believed they had been drinking.” (6)

How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs

Pompey had just completed the Nfithridatic Warwhen the last Seleudd monarch Antiochus Asiaticus came to the throne,and thought expedient to obtain formal recognition from Rome. To hisrequest Pompey replied that Rome would not recognize any monarch whocould not keep his country in order, and by now it was obvious--ihatthe Seleucids could not do this. So in 65 B.C. Syria was annexed andmade a Roman province under a legatus whose first duty was to defendthe frontier against the Parthians, Pompey determining that the RiverEuphrates should be recognized as the frontier. But the Arab statesformed along the eastern borders of Syria were left alone, and so thelarger state known as Nabataea, though in 63 Pompey led an expeditionagainst the Nabataean capital Petra. Thus Syria passed out of GreekSeleucid control and became part of the Roman Empire. Politically itwas a change, but culturally there was no change, the influence of Romewas as definitely Greek as that of the Seleucids had been. The culturallife of Syria and Mesopotamia went on unaffected by the politicalchange and from that time forward it was the Romans who brought Greekinfluence to bear on the Near East.