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I would never recommend breast implants to anyone, at age 22 my husband complained about the size of my breasts and I agreed to have implants. After two children and breast feeding I ran into pain I could not live with. I had them removed and was told they were leaking. I put another set in one size smaller to look normal for my body structure and to to date cannot slept on my side and have so many problems and sick all the time. I would love to remove them now at age 52 but scared of what I will look like after they are removed. But if I will feel better I think it’s for the best. Anyone know if I will need reconstructive surgery for the missing implants? Please young ladies never allow a male tp make you feel your not pretty without medium size breasts, better small and healthy, then deal with discomfort, fatigue and muscle aches for the rest of your life or looking at the implant edge not completely under the muscle.

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I am so glad i came across this website. I have a terrible pain around my left breast which is swollen. I have had this three times within last 18 months and was diagnosed with mastitis yet my daughter is four years old and I am 35. My implants are 12 years old and for the past two years I have been generally unwell. Always tired and I get 8 hours sleep im always getting ill and have been on anti depressants because of it last 18 months. I eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I was convinced I had adrenal fatigue my family think I am crazy and a hypochondriac. My doctor Is referring me to the breast clinic so hopefully the scan will pick up a leaky implant and I can get these removed. This information has convinced me it’s my implant that is problem and I need them out! Regard Gemma from Manchester UK

Should I breastfeed or bottle-feed my ..

Some women just can’t breastfeed. My mother couldn’t, but fortunately for her that was before the Breast Nazis showed up on the scene.

Hi Kathy,
Your symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches/pains/twitching, low to no hormones, drop foot, anxiety, smelly urine are common to breast implant illness. You most likely have a leak/gel bleed on the one side that has symptoms around the breast. The cohesive gel implants do bleed their toxic chemicals through the envelope into our bodies which causes us great toxicity, inflammation, lymph symptoms and endocrine distruption as those chemicals affect our very important glands of thyroid and adrenals and organs. Doctors do not recognize illness from breast implants because silicone is a medically approved substance because of junk science by the silicone makers. However the truth is, silicone is made of approximately 40 highly toxic chemicals and implants do degrade in our body over time due to our body chemistry and due our immune system. You know inside it is the implants and so do not waste time trying to convince yourself and others while your health continues to decline. Come to the facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group by hitting the facebook button below and meet several ladies like yourself with the same symptoms and in the same process. Dr. Susan Kolb from Atlanta Georgia is the best doctor in the U.S. healing ladies from breast implant illness. She will run a number of tests, explant and help you detox. If you cannot travel to see Dr. Kolb we can help you find an explant surgeon in your area and guide you through your recovery and detoxification. Nicole

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Hi Jennifer,
Dr. Blais who is the world’s foremost expert on breast implants as medical devices told me that the newer cohesive gel breast implants contain much more aggressive chemicals and this is obviously true because these implants make women ill much sooner, almost immediately. How breasts look after explant varies and is affected by many factors such as aging, weight gain, placement of implant, size of implants etc. For the most part, women are surprisingly pleased with the outcome of explant. Come to facebook group and talk to many others and see lots of pictures for yourself. Nicole

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Had leaking breast implants removed 5 years ago. Some tissue excised from one breast as well as nearly total mastectomy to remove mess from leaking implants. After 1 year surgeon put in tissue expander. Slowly filled expanders with saline for one year. Silicone implants put in. Within month or two observed rash that resembled bug bites on lower legs. Dermatologist said I had cellulitis. Backs of both hands became very red and thin skinned. Knuckles got large. Hands were swollen. I was 66 and figured it was an age thing. Lower back started aching. Asked doctor if I was getting rheumatism. He said no. Said I had arthritis. Told him I couldn’t walk without pain. Gave me Mobic prescription for pain. It only helps a little. Now have pain with every step I take. Am losing muscle in both legs and upper arms. Can now hear bones click in my back, hips, and knees. Can barely pick up my feet. Skin has purple color at times. Dr. called it purpura I think. Discovered your web site. Would have implants removed right away if I could be sure that they are my problem. Mother and Father and siblings and daughters as well as myself have always been very healthy. Please help.