What would it feel like to be someone else

The body-switching movie is a conservative genre at the best of times — the lessons usually include things like "parents are actually cool" and "don't harbor any ambitions to be more than what you already are." But The Change-Up is by far the most conservative film of them all, because in the end, we're left with no doubt that being a career-obsessed corporate drone in a traditional family unit is the only worthwhile existence. In the end, Bateman realizes that he wants his old life back — and Reynolds realizes that he doesn't deserve Bateman's life, because he hasn't earned it. Neither of them wants Reynolds' life of being rich, handsome and idle, because it's terrible.

By having bare skin of a part of your body touching, you and someone else will switch that part.

Similar to taking same-make vehicle to the factory, same thing with the Shinki. Meanwhile, an Eukrante and a Zielbellen plot a way to steal an AI system through body-swapping by using Hina’s and Ann’s body before Hina even met Rihito.—– Related Articles:– Busou Shinki TV Review:
– – – – – – – – – – – – –—That’s quite some interesting equipment for the Shinkis.

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