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No, many of the hospices today model themselves after Florence Wald, RN, MN's vision where assisted suicide would be available for economic reasons or just about any other reason! The euthanasia proponents, knowing Americans' traditional opposition to medical killing, have pretended to be powerless to do anything. Yes, they have pretended to be far away, as if they weren't even acting here in America, except for the "overt" euthanasia proponents run by what some people would think were "loonies" like Derek Humphry of the Hemlock Society.

In 2016, the highest suicide rate (19.72) was among adults between 45 and 54 years of age

like Erich Fromm, Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse were influential in transforming our society, from the university, to the students, to the culture at large. Their writings were widely read, assimilated and had tremendous impact on American culture. And part of those changes is the transformation of traditional male and female roles. Our culture no longer reinforces the traditional type of hero who demonstrates strong, "macho" decisiveness. The culture encourages "consensus" as a means of finding a solution, rather than an individual affirming his idea of what is absolutely "right" and what is absolutely "wrong."

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Any hospice agency, staff member or professional who subscribes to this vision and wishes to promote the sanctity of life at the end-of-life should contact us or of the new Hospice Life Association of America for more information about this encouraging work. If you wish to start a pro-life hospice agency that demonstrates reverence for life in action yet do not know how to begin, contact Cristen. Hospice agencies are encouraged to share this pledge with all employees and use it in their own training programs. Reform and rededication to the mission begins with one person and one agency at a time. You have more power than you know; just take a step in the direction of life with us.

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The American Medical Association is to IPAB. The AMA writes, "The 15-member IPAB is a presidentially appointed board comprised of health care experts and economists who are tasked with developing Medicare spending cuts in years during which spending exceeds a target growth rate...."

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What does involuntary sterilization have to do with hospice and end-of-life care? Well, it again demonstrates "how people in government think" and what they are capable of. It demonstrates how the eugenics and euthanasia proponents are willing to treat those they deem "unfit" and "unworthy of life." Involuntary sterilization in America? Unheard of! Not really. Involuntary sterilization actually had widespread public support in America and continued into the 1950s. The idea of eliminating the unwanted includes eugenic restrictions on who is born, sterilization to prevent the unwanted from reproducing, and euthanasia to make those who are unwanted die at any stage of life, all part of the culture of death.

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The P.O.L.S.T. paradigm incorporates the shared values of the health care community focusing on quality of life and the need to limit care at a certain point in disease progression. Although there are spaces and boxes to indicate a patient wants "full treatment," the thrust of the entire paradigm is limiting or eliminating treatment entirely at some point. It is specifically promoted to be used for patients who have at least one of the following "medical" conditions: These are exactly the same types of conditions where the pro-euthanasia groups want the ability to impose death through direct euthanasia, assisted-suicide or Third Way killing.

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"I come back here today with 13 years of additional insider experience from work on over 150 legal cases against managed care companies, as well as extensive knowledge gained by helping thousands fight for needed care. I am here today representing no special interest group, and without any agenda except to urge you to force open the black box of corporate health insurance and to hold them accountable for the practices that destroy the lives of patients, families and communities, and the health professionals who must bear the consequences of their damaged care.