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Biomedical equipment technician jobs will not be outsourced to foreign countries, and technicians will operate state of the art remote diagnostics equipment.

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This role matters because you will have a direct impact onpatient care and satisfaction by ensuring all hospital medical equipment isfunctioning perfectly. You will provide assistance to the Account Manager inadministering the daily operations of the shop, as well as providing routine equipmentrepair, preventative maintenance, and safety testing in our hospitals to keepthe equipment functioning optimally so that our clinical and direct patientcare teams can provide the best patient care possible.

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Students choose thebiomedical engineering field to be of service to people, to partake of theexcitement of working with living systems, and to apply advanced technology tothe complex problems of medical care.

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Continuing education is frequently provided by medical device manufacturers.

Many aspiring biomedical equipment technicians will pursue a professional industry certification in order to become a certified biomedical equipment technician (CBET).

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There are two other certifications biomedical equipment technicians can obtain including the Certified Laboratory Equipment Specialists (CLES), and Certified Radiology Equipment Specialists (CRES).

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However, technicians are typically only called in once or twice a week.

Next time you are walking through a hospital and hear the sounds of life saving equipment coming from patients' rooms, thank a biomedical equipment technician.

Education and Training

Most entry-level technicians enter the field with a 2-year associate's degree in a related field or they spend about one year in full-time military training to obtain required job skills.

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Biomedical equipment technicians must understand computer software, hardware, and networking.

Biomedical equipment technicians are usually required to be on call 24 hours a day one week out of each month.

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The core curriculum is a career specific training plan developed by subject matter experts and used as the foundation for every trainee's technical program learning requirements. Specific developmental needs are assessed and added to the plan to create an individualized Individual Development Plan (IDP). The IDP is the trainee's two-year roadmap to successful completion of the program. Trainees are coached, mentored, and most times supervised by a local preceptor that has been selected through a rigorous application process and is a subject matter expert currently employed within the specific VHA career field.

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Eighty-five percent of veterinary technicians and assistants are employed in private practice. * Most technicians are employed in a companion animal practice. The demand for trained technicians and assistants in other areas is rapidly expanding. Other employment opportunities include: biomedical facilities, diagnostic laboratories, colleges/universities, veterinary supply sales, zoos and wildlife facilities, the military, humane societies and animal control facilities, drug or feed manufacturing companies, industry or food safety inspection.