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john fitzgerald kennedy jr (1/22/2012)
john fitzgerald kennedy' adult life

The Assassin (1/12/2012)
The bullet fire from high above hits him in the back then exisits his throat?

After Kennedy's death President Lyndon Johnson renamed NASA's Cape Canaveral.

He was born John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 29 May 1917 in Massachusetts, into a wealthy and political Irish-American family. Educated at Harvard University, he graduated in 1940. Following naval service in the Pacific in World War Two, he entered politics in 1946, spurred on by his ambitious father Joseph, and won election as a Democrat to the US House of Representatives. In 1952, he was elected to the Senate.

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Strange coincidents?

nancy (7/5/2011)
what a tragedy it was,america lost a greatman.

Shimi (6/19/2011)
it was very sad that this happened to a great president

Shimi (6/19/2011)
it was very sad that this happened to a great president

Educated (6/13/2011)
Why can nobody here spell correctly?

ben (6/2/2011)
that was kinda real.

kortney (5/20/2011)
john f kinidy pics not avalible not fair

SETH (5/20/2011)

Dale Newman (5/18/2011)
I find it unusual that if Kennedy WAS shot from the right-front (as you claim) that no bullets or fragments thereof were found to the left-rear of Kennedy's head on Elm Street.