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On the eve of its 30th anniversary, this classic Canadian musical asks a new generation of theatre audiences to follow heroic Canadian WWI fighter pilot Billy Bishop down into the trenches, up to the skies and inside the human spirit as he attempts to reconcile the ecstasy of flying with the horrors of war. This high-flying ace of a show captures the humor, the hellfire, and the derring-do of an extraordinary career. With a superb mixture of irony and white-knuckle tale telling, Billy Bishop is simply a sensational evening’s entertainment.

“ Billy Bishop Goes to War is a delightful—and cunningly wrought—work of art.” — New Yorker
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. Musical, written by with Eric Peterson and originally performed by the same duo. Taking as its subject the exploits of World War I flying ace , it premiered 3 Nov 1978 at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Peterson played 18 different characters, including Bishop; Gray accompanied at the piano and sang. Their production toured widely 1980-2 in Canada and also was seen in 1980 in Washington, DC; on Broadway (Morosco Theatre) and off-Broadway (Theatre de Lys) in New York; at the Edinburgh Festival; and in Los Angeles. It was staged in 1981 at the Comedy Theatre in London's West End.

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The design for Billy Bishop was influenced by a number of inspirations. These included the sculpture of American artist Lee Bontecou, airfield architecture from the First World War, aerial photographs taken during actual reconnaissance and the idea of found objects in a space transforming into something theatrical. The elements give us a sense of period, bringing us back in time and into the world of Bishop. The palette is muted and earthy, incorporating the feeling of natural materials. It is derived from examples of Bontecou’s work, which contains an interesting juxtaposition of hard and soft materials combined with paint.

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But the story of the man who became the country’s top flying ace, told in the brilliant Billy Bishop Goes To War, is a tale of heroism in an era that shouldn’t be consigned to the history books.