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THE TREE AND THE SERPENT.--This work would seem incomplete to me if I omitted the Tree and the Serpent. Innumerable legends about the Serpent and the Tree are found in religions. The tree is invariably called "Tree of Life," and the serpent entwining it, "Tempter," or whatever else signifies Satan. The Tree and the Serpent started as a legend, then gradually drifted into myths: the climax being reached when the tree was credited with its fantastic crop of apples. These apples became necessary to carry out a myth for how otherwise could old Satan tempt Eve to eat apples and Eve tempt Adam? They were needed to accomplish the downfall of Adam. By this action poor woman has been made the cause of every ill befalling mankind. It is a monumental piece of cowardice on the part of man to put that responsibility on the shoulders of the woman. The irony is that a man and not a woman was to blame. The Eve alibi has stood for nearly 3,000 years but it must now be set aside. Had Ezra been able to read correctly the symbols which appeared in the writings of Moses, he would have given a very different version of the wily old Serpent and the Tree of Life.

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In the vignette, the tree is shown as having a serpent coiled around it, thus the tree. It is an unadorned serpent, therefore it is Khan the symbol of Khanab, "The Great Waters," the ocean. Here it is symbolically shown that Mu was surrounded by water. Mu had no land connections with any other continental land. .


The foregoing shows and intelligently explains what the Tree of Life was, and a Serpent is coiled around it. What Moses undoubtedly wrote were plain facts, in symbolical language--a symbolically written history, true in all respects. Translations, erroneous and misleading, perverted his writings.