Stacy, that movie is called “Little Heroes” Its a wonderful movie~!

Please help me find this Movie!
It´s about a small dog (White I think) who gets left behind when his owner has to move. The owner is an old lady.¨
The dog runs away to find her and on the journey he finds a dog friend who later on gets killed by a car (if a remember correctly) The dog gets a lift by a motorcyclist as well
In the end he reaches the new place but the old lady gets in a car so the dog runs after and then she hears him and stops the car (of course!)

Signus Murdoc…I think the movie you’re looking for is “Scruffy”. Hope this helps

Johanna says:
March 27, 2011 at 3:07 am
Great dogmovies listed!
I’m looking for a movie about a girl and a dog. The girl is an outsider and she feels she doesn’t belong anywhere. I rememeber a scene from the movie when the girl meets the dog. The dog is forced to fight other dogs. The girl has entered the building where the dogfights are held and she stands with her back against the door. The dog escapes and reaches the girl who is standing in front of the door. The dog looks in her eyes and the girl slowly moves and opens the door. I think the dog goes down some stairs and is free. I think the dog and the girl meets and become friends.
Have anyone seen or heard of this movie?
the film is about a dobbermann the film is the tender aka the eyes of an angel it as john travotta in it the girl saves the dobbermann and in turn he saves them both i hope this is of help to you

Hi. Can you add hounded please???

hi, i was wondering if anyone knows of this movie, ever heard of it, or knows the name?

story plot is like -dogs master been killed & dog takes revenge .the killer runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching him in the end.

I dont agree with the list where one of the best movie not listed ….

I think i am looking for the same movie that Allan March 6-2011 was looking for, the one i am thinking about was kind of scarey & the dog could understand humans. Seems like it was a yellow lab. HELP, this is driving me crazy trying to remember it!!!

This is a true story man how can you miss this …. SAD SAD

hi im looking for a movie where a guy kill this dogs owner and the dog take revenge and complete hes mission can u email me the name pls to thank you

@Heather It’s on the list…called Atomic dog

I’m looking for a certain dog movie, I can’t remember it’s title but it’s about a dog that got left behind, then the dog tracks his owner by the scent of the boy’s pee because everytime the car stops the boy gets to pee.

@Chris: That movie is “Babe in the City”, I think.

Wow…wish I remembered what SaraWolf just asked about. I’d love to see a film starring a Borzoi, but alas, all I know of is a great book about one by Lynn Hall that’s called “Riff, Remember.” Would definitely be interested in that if anyone else can supply a title or info.

travis the movie is chips the war dog

I remember this film from when i was younger about 2003 that I first saw it.
It was about a young teenage boy whoes mother has dies and its just him and his dad. His mother had a dog (a beautiful Borzoi) who keeps escaping and going to her grave. At one point there is a girl who is the daughter of one of the women running the kennels/rescue the boys mother used to work at (i have a feeling the girl is called April and the boy called Daniel) The boy lets all the dogs out of the kennels in a fit of rage at one point.
The lad ends up with a little white terrier who the two of them end up training and enetering a dog show where at the end they win.
Has anyone got any ideas please?
Its been driving me mad and i cant find it anywhere, its a old, simple film thats live actors rather than animated.
Any help greatly appreicated
Thank you

you missed Quill a seeing eye dog story in Japan

I recently saw a dog movie and I’m wondering if someone could help me figure out what it is called. It’s about a son whose father is not happy with how he’s handling the family business. The only way to redeem himself is to get a Jack Russel Terrier (I believe) to California in time for a big show on Christmas Day. Along the way, he somehow meets this blonde woman and they go through the desert. One other part I remember is that they get pulled over while driving in an RV and get put in jail. The woman’s ex finds them and chases them a bit as well. In the end, the 1st man and the woman get married. Thanks!