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(founded 1884) included William Lethaby (1857-1931) and Voysey among its members; its aims were 'to advance education in all the visual arts and to foster and maintain high standards of design and craftsmanship'.

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While Morris was neither the instigator nor a notable supporter of the Society, however, he did become heavily involved in it during the 1890s. He took over from Crane as the Society’s president in 1891 and edited the Society’s first non-exhibition-related publication, Arts and Crafts Essays (1893). Morris’s preface to Arts and Crafts Essays promoted the activities of the Society: “It is this conscious cultivation of art and the attempt to interest the public in it which the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society has set itself to help, by calling special attention to that really most important side of art, the decoration of utilities by furnishing them with genuine artistic finish instead of trade finish” (xiii).

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Its supporters and practitioners were united not so much by a style than by a common goal - a desire to break down the hierarchy of the arts (which elevated like painting and sculpture, but looked down on ), to revive and restore dignity to traditional handicrafts and to make art that could be affordable for all.

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When the Arts and Crafts movement began to lose impetus, around the time of World War I, the precepts 'fitness for purpose' and 'truth to materials' continued to be influential.

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Wright, like many other Arts and Crafts architects embraced the concept of 'total design' and often designed built-in furniture to control the interiors.

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His , situated outside Chicago, featuring their distinctive horizontality, overhanging roofs and free-flowing rooms around a central chimney, show a strong Arts and Crafts influence.

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The exquisitely crafted homes and accompanying furniture designed by the brothers Charles (1868-1957) and Henry (1870-1954) Greene in Pasadena and Los Angeles, California, epitomize the refined West Coast variant of American Arts and Crafts architecture.

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These architectural canons fed the growing Garden City movement in Britain in the early twentieth century, which brought together on a large scale Arts and Crafts design and Morris's social reform ideals.