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Some of the most famous examples of African-American folk art are the quilts depicting scenes from the Bible and historic events made by Harriet Powers, born into slavery in in 1837 and freed after the ; they have been preserved in the Smithsonian and Boston’s Museum of Fine Art. Other notable quilts were made by generations of women in the town of Gee’s Bend, and have been shown across America at such prestigious institutions as the Whitney Museum of American Art in .

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In Thailand the mulberry tree - known as "sa" - grew in abundance and the Japanese demand for maps, banknotes and other documents caused sa paper production to flourish. The mulberry tree is still abundant in Thailand - growing wild all over the Northern forest and lowland areas - and Thai artisans continue to produce handmade paper using the same technique that they have done for centuries. Yet, as international demand for these products is increasing, new speciality papers are being developed which incorporate colour dyes, flower petals and other materials into their design.

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Learn to critically analyze works of art within diverse historical and cultural contexts, considering issues such as politics, religion, patronage, gender, and ethnicity.