California Proposition 66, the Death Penalty Procedures Initiative, was on the in as an . The measure was approved.

In the public opinion most people favor life without parole as the alternate to the death penalty.
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On June 6, 2017, the court heard oral arguments in the case. According to the , the court appeared divided during arguments on whether the initiative could require a five-year deadline for death penalty appeals.

The death penalty should be abolished because of many reasons.

The death penalty has been used since ancient times for a variety of offenses.
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So don't be fooled by the guise of virtue they tend to don.Our tendency to treat enormous human death tolls as though they were less tragic than smaller ones match former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's unique, and accurate insight on human nature when he stated:It is that short-sightedness that allows so many mass murders and genocides to take place in the world.Abolitionists keep talking about the risks of a wrongful execution in the death penalty's use.

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The political elite in Europe often condemn the US as human rights violators since we still use the death penalty on murderers, which they insist is a violation of the But they couldn't be more wrong.Abolitionists interpret from Article 3 in that Declaration toproclaimeach person's right to protection from deprivation of life, especially murderers!

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But in fact, nowhere in that declaration is the DP specifically condemned as a humanrights violation!For instance, in Article 3 it states: Strangely, from this, abolitionists interpret that the death penalty is a human rights violation since it deprives a person's right to life.

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After reading the article in the textbook, two other articles, and looking at statistics, I seem to feel that the death penalty may not be the right answer.

-first established death penalty laws

Andat the time it was implemented, most nations who signed it had the had the death penalty andcontinued to use it long after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights wasapproved by them.


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