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Hi there I'm looking for my birth father, I wondered if anyone could possibly help me, his name Brett Hansen or Hanson he was an a1c at Chicksands Bedford in 1991 he is about 43 years old now and he was originally from Minnesota. If anyone could help me I'd be very thankful I'm finding it so hard to find him thank you x x x

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Looking to see if there is any information on Morris (Mo) Ivans who was on Able Flight at RAF Chicksands 1966 - 1969. He used to 1963 Austin Mini, which I bought from him in late 1966 or early 1967. Could not find any information on him on Facebook. Just curious if anyone remembers him and has any information on his status and current whereabouts. Thank you.

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I was at raf chicksands in 1977-78 I worked their as a nannie for some family and lived there on the base I was wondering if anyone knew a law enforcement usaf guy on base named vince murphy he was a SSgt then. when I was there at raf chicksands in Bedford the people their was nice

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I am a USAF veteran , and I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from 1992-1994. I am travelling to the U.K. next summer, and I am looking for information on touring the base. I know its still a working base, so I am not aware of what would be off-limits. I was hoping to show my family where I spent 2 years of my Air Force life. Any assistance and help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

(Freemason Gesture Petro Poroshenko)

Once every decade or so I post reminders of people from the past. These are from 1958 to 1965; just some of the people I remember who served there. Some are still around, but many aren't.

Between 1959 and 1965: 202's, 203's, & 29's:
CMS Panter, Hap Appleton, Larry Pruitt, Dick Van Kirk, "FatPat" Patterson, Jim Porter, Davie Deihl, Trageser, Lambert Gonzalez, Earl Franks, Burnie Martin, Louis Burns, Gary Cooper, John Michael Seidel, Grover Jackson, Billy Bingham, Lt Dettmer, Roger Simmons, "Red" Sjolander, Charles Davis, Cotharn, Jerry Haynes, Leber, Lou Piwowarski, Evers, Dallas Swope, Dan"Duke" Dapolito, Doyle"Pappy"Clark, Bill Ricks, Willard Addington, Sue Nichols (Stars & Stripes) and sister, Sally Nichols (NCO Club), Major Breen, Capt Hornick, Willard Anderson, John Arnold, John Richardson, Alan Jackson, Don Haygood, Wallace Williams, Ed Needham. Don Peavy, Al Gray III, John Lynch, Tony Sichenzia, Danny Leslie, Larry"Little Mac" McAdams, Vic Transki, John "Rip" Boyle, Bill Howell, Bob "Ziggy" Spencer,Tony Travato, Shepulski, Budelman, Murray, Ernie Tanaka, Henry Harrell, et al. If you don't find your name here, it's my poor memory. Les Sheppard, 202 Dawg.

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Trying to locate Brigadier Holtom. Need a home address, phone number or e-mail address. Am an old friend from the reunion days and helped setup a part of the American museum and spent some time with him. Just to get back in contact with Chris and Karen. Thanks

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