Andrew Jackson was America's worst "great" President

Being a British Columbian, living in a Canadian province still struggling with both its Indian affairs legacy and its present relations with its aboriginal inhabitants, what disturbs me most when reading these documents is just how little our language for discussing these issues has changed in 170 years, how subtly and insidiously ingrained the patterns of thought apparent in these messages remain in our present culture.

Sometimes there was the justification of Indian raidsand massacres; sometimes not.

It , in hindsight, that PresidentMonroe (1817-25) somewhat expected Jackson to occupy Florida, and gavehim ambiguous signals to that effect - the sort of signals that executivessometimes give their charges when don't want to be blamed foran action.

Andrew Jackson is one of America's "great" presidents

Jackson, went into Florida with a couple of thousand menand occupied the fort at St.

Captain, we've got them at last, the dogs are at them--now forward with the Rifle and Bayonet and "give them Hell Brave Boys", let not a red nigger escape-, show no mercy-, exterminate them, -this day we'll close the Florida War, and write its history in the blood of the Seminole--but remember Captn., as I have written to our Government to say that the dogs are intended to ferret out the Indians, (not to worry them) for the sake of consistency and the appearance of Humanity, you will appear not to notice the devastation they commit."