Some agricultural societies gave women a certain

The basic forming of our own government can be traced back to the ideals that formed the Roman and Greek governments, paying attention their strengths and also to what caused the demise of those societies as well.

The initial government was a Royal Theocracy, in which the society is controlled by religion.

As Greek society advanced,
there was a natural tendency to specialize in cash crops, which would allow
importation of grain from areas more appropriate to its production - parts of
the northern Middle East, Sicily, and North Africa.

But even these matrilineal societies held

As the Ancient Egyptian Religion was an integral part of ancient Egyptian society.

While the cult of Mithras did not reach the philosophic heights attained by Zarathustra, its effect upon the civilization of the Western world was far-reaching, for at one time nearly all Europe was converted to its doctrines. Rome, in her intercourse with other nations, inoculated them with her religious principles; and many later institutions have exhibited Mithraic culture. The reference to the "Lion" and the "Grip of the Lion's Paw" in the Master Mason's degree have a strong Mithraic tinge and may easily have originated from this cult. A ladder of seven rungs appears in the Mithraic initiation. Faber is of the opinion that this ladder was originally a pyramid of seven steps. It is possible that the Masonic ladder with seven rungs had its origin in this Mithraic symbol. Women were never permitted to enter the Mithraic Order, but children of the male sex were initiates long before they reached maturity. The refusal to permit women to join the Masonic Order may be based on the esoteric reason given in the secret instructions of the Mithraics. This cult is another excellent example of those secret societies whose legends are largely symbolic representations of the sun and his journey through the houses of the heavens. Mithras, rising from a stone, is merely the sun rising over the horizon, or, as the ancients supposed, out of the horizon, at the vernal equinox.

The type of respect women received in ancient times ..

Aristocratic cultural patronage also
helped give shape to Mediterranean art, literature, and the education of
aristocratic youth (boys above all).

The aristocratic tenor of Greek society showed in the ambiguous position
of merchants.

But even these matrilineal societies held

Early civilizations such as ancient Greece, classical Rome, Mesopotamia, and classical China have made many contributions to society that still affect people in the modern world.

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Overall, merchants held higher status in the classical
Mediterranean than in Confucian China, but their standing was less firm than
in India.

Rural Life And Agriculture

The bulk of the population of the Greek and Hellenistic world was rural.
The agricultural base of Mediterranean society must be kept in mind even
though the leading political and cultural activities occurred in cities.

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Sun worship played an important part in nearly all the early pagan Mysteries. This indicates the probability of their Atlantean origin, for the people of Atlantis were sun worshipers. The Solar Deity was usually personified as a beautiful youth, with long golden hair to symbolize the rays of the sun. This golden Sun God was slain by wicked ruffians, who personified the evil principle of the universe. By means of certain rituals and ceremonies, symbolic of purification and regeneration, this wonderful God of Good was brought back to life and became the Savior of His people. The secret processes whereby He was resurrected symbolized those cultures by means of which man is able to overcome his lower nature, master his appetites, and give expression to the higher side of himself. The Mysteries were organized for the purpose of assisting the struggling human creature to reawaken the spiritual powers which, surrounded by the flaming

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Examples of this are politics and public events
Women in Ancient Egypt
Egypt treated their women better than any other Ancient Civilization had ever before
Compared to many other civilizations, Egyptian woman had similar rights to men
Women could manage, own and sell property
Marriage was very important in the Egyptian culture, it was almost mandatory
Men could marry multiple wives
These woman could be close relatives EX) sister, first cousins
This is a picture of Egyptian woman a wedding ceremony
Men in Ancient Egypt
Wealthy men either worked in business or government
Men of the lower class spent most of the day with their wives working in the fields, preparing food and working for the rich
Males were to "Establish" themselves before seeking a wife
Male roles were much less dominate than any other society/civilization during this time period
Thesis: Gender roles differ from civilization to civilization

Men and women have different jobs according to what sort of society they lived in
Men helping in the fields

Women in Ancient Rome
Unlike Egypt, Women had many restrictions compared to men
Women did NOT have the ability to become emperor
Men could treat their wives horribly.