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Hi Asma,
All breast implants cause profound illness and by far the worse kind are the gummy bears or cohesive gel implants. The chemicals used to make the silicone cohesive are very aggressive and toxic to our body and damage our endocrine, immune system and gut health. If you must augment get Fat Transfer instead. Nicole

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Hi Nina,
Plastic surgeons do know that implants cause illness but they refuse to admit it because implants are their biggest source of revenue and silicone is the basis for plastic surgery (that is why they call it plastic). Plastic surgeons use the junk scientific studies created by the chemical companies to promote the dubious idea that silicone is an inert substance in the body while completely overlooking that it is made up of over 35 highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are known endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic and cytotoxic to cells while promoting bacterial and fungal overgrowth. Please ensure that you are getting a enbloc style explant with a Total Capsulectomy which will ensure your best recovery. Many women have to treat with antifungals as well in order to recover due to immune dysfunction caused by breast implants. Depending on what type of work you do, I would plan to take at least two weeks off work for a desk style job. If your job is physical and includes bending and lifting you will need more time to heal. Please join the Facebook group Breast Implant Illness Healing Official Group so we can support you through your detox. Nicole

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I am 44 years old, diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens and connective tissue disease. I had my saline implants removed (they were 15 years old and I had a grade 4 capsular contracture). Within three weeks of explanation and capsulectomy, I was symptom free! I have my life back and so thankful for all the information you gave! Bless you! Terri

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Hi Mary Sue,
Don’t be scared, you are on the right track. In regard to preserving evidence, request your implants and capsule tissue to be returned to you directly after surgery. Some of the capsule tissue may be kept by your doctor and sent for medical testing for cancer and bacteria or fungal infections (sounds like you have a fungal infection which is common for saline). If you chose, you can send your implants and capsule tissue to Dr. Pierre Blais in Canada who analyzes breast implants for why they fail and cause illness. His reports costs approximately $500 and his contact info is on the Resources page of this site. I can’t refer you to any specific legal avenue other than to say there are several lawyers representing ladies with health issues from breasts implants which you can find on the net. Nicole

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Hi Mariellen,
You are the first that has mentioned auto-inflation of implants and it is quite rare. Here is a medical paper on auto-inflation:
. Did you notice the inflation yourself and is that what caused the surgery or do you have symptoms of illness as well? Nicole

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Hi All,
Interestingly, I read the recent article by Angelina Jolie in the New York Times here:
who has now also just removed her ovaries, in addition to her breasts which were removed and replaced with implants in 2013 due to fear of the potential for breast cancer. What instigated the latest ovary removal was recent tests that showed she has a number of elevated inflammatory markers which may contribute to future cancer. It did not occur to her doctors or her that the inflammation could be coming from the breast implants. Breast implants cause high levels of inflammation in the body. You cannot put two large bags of toxic chemicals in your body and not expect an inflammatory response. Most get sick from implants, even Angelina Jolie. I hope one day that manufacturers and doctors will admit that breast implants cause serious illness in the body. Nicole