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John’s Church in Richmond, Patrick Henry gave his Liberty or Death Speech in support of his resolution to raise forces to defend Virginia against the British. April 19: The War for Independence began between the British army and the Massachusetts militiamen at Lexington and Concord, outside Boston. April 20: Governor Dunmore of Virginia sent royal marines to remove the gunpowder from the Magazine in Williamsburg so that the patriots could not use it against the British troops. May 2: Patrick Henry organized 150 men from Hanover County to march on Williamsburg and demand the return of the public gunpowder. May 6: Dunmore issued a proclamation against “a certain Patrick Henry .

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He was ordained in the Scottish Episcopal Church and later followed his brother to Virginia. 1720-1724 John Henry, Patrick Henry’s father, attended King’s College of Aberdeen University on scholarship. 1727 By this date John Henry and his brother were settled in Hanover County, Virginia. 1736 May 29: Patrick Henry was born at Studley, in Hanover County, the second son of John Henry and his wife, Sarah Winston Syme Henry.

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ANALYSIS In paragraph 8, Patrick Henry discusses how the colonies are seen as a weak power, and in paragraph 9, he refutes this idea.

ANALYSIS Paragraph 7 is composed of one lengthy exclamatory sentence describing potential outcomes, ending in a call to action, "We must fight!" (Henry 230).

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The citizens of Henry County, named for him in 1776, promptly elected him to the General Assembly. 1780 January 4: Sarah Butler Henry was born at Leatherwood. May 12: The British captured Charleston, South Carolina, and General Charles Cornwallis began a campaign that eventually brought British troops north toward Virginia. June 4: British raiders led by Benedict Arnold and Banistre Tarleton send Governor Thomas Jefferson and the legislature (including Patrick Henry) scurrying over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Staunton. 1781 June: When a legislator called for an investigation of the response to Arnold’s and Tarleton’s raids, Patrick Henry knew that Governor Jefferson had acted properly and would be exonerated of any wrong-doing.

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Six of his sons studied there. 1784 Patrick Henry’s bill to expand government support of teachers – most of whom were also ministers in the Episcopalian and Presbyterians churches – was defeated after he left the legislature.

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The surrender of Burgoyne’s entire army convinced the French that they could enter the war against Britain. 1777-1778 Governor Henry worked hard to locate and ship supplies to George Washington and the American troops camped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. 1778 August 2: Patrick and Dorothea Henry’s first child, named for her mother, was born in the Governor’s Palace at Williamsburg. 1779 After his third term as governor, Patrick Henry moved his family to Leatherwood, a 10,000-acre plantation near the Virginia-North Carolina border.

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News traveled quickly to Virginia, where the burgesses declared a day of fasting and prayer before sending delegates to Philadelphia to confer with other colonial leaders. 1774 August: Patrick Henry was elected to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, where the united colonies developed a non-importation association that put pressure on British merchants by refusing to import British goods. 1775 Sarah Shelton Henry died at Scotchtown, having never regained her sanity. March 23: In the Second Virginia Convention, at St.