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Money, Greed and Power--Paul Rosenfield states that the real goal in what he refers to as the Hollywood insiders club " . . . is to make money . . . The idea is not just to become rich, but rich-rich . . . " Rosenfield goes on to say that money is actually " . . . one of the six major reasons people get in the club. The others are ego, love, sex, status, and--particularly--fear." Unfortunately, that is as far as Rosenfield's analysis goes, and it is much too simplistic. He does not examine, for example, at what point, the desire for money becomes greed, and how the desire to acquire money, actually stems from the need for power. Nor does he explore the relationship between any of these basic motivations with the important communications function of film (see the following chapter entitled "Why It All Matters").

How Does Lady Macbeth Convince Macbeth To Kill …

All through the play his fears of being caught and having the witches’ prophecies come true make him do these evil deeds. Fear had become the main motivating factor in the play.

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