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The world market for optical fiber continues to grow rapidly, with shipments increasing 14 percent from an estimated 7.0 million kilometers of fiber in 1990 to approximately 8.0 million in 1991....

In fact, many believe that almost all communications in the future will employ fiber optics.

Fiber optics are thin transparent fibers of glass or plastic enclosed by a material of a lower index of refraction and that transmit light throughout their length by internal reflections.

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Fiber optic technology is based on the use of light energy to transmit data.

Multi-mode optical fiber allows multiple rays of light to travel down the core simultaneously; however, it can only be used where transmission distances are less than two kilometers, whereas single-mode can reach distances of three kilometers.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Technology

This demonstrated that the circuit was operating correctly, and that the signal being transmitted through the fiber optic cable was being received properly and accurately.

Optical fiber is also used in imaging optics

Then I prepared the fiber optic cable by cutting both ends to make sure that it had a clean edge, and then I polished the ends using the 600 grit polishing paper.

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(See Figure 2 below.) Figure 2 (Source: Lascomm Fiber Optics)

In order to receive the signal and then convert it back to its original format, a fiber optic receiver uses a phototransistor to convert the light energy into an electrical current.

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In this paper I will be telling you what a fiber optic cable is made of, how a fiber optic system works and a history of fiber optics from the 1800's to today.

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A vital issue when designing light collectors is the amount of available daylight .Since it seems to be most viable to collect direct sunlight only for fiber optic systems it is important to have data for sun hours at the location of interest....

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(See Figure 1 below.) Figure 1 (Source: Adva Optical Networking)
In addition to the core and the cladding, a fiber optic cable also has an outer jacket that protects it from abrasion and other forces.

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Thus, when a fiber optic cable, which consists of a glass or plastic core surrounded by a cladding with a lower refractive index, receives a light ray, the light ray is confined and travels down the core to the receiving end.