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Read to get an overview on our activities during the Global Days of Action on Military Spending.

It is always easier to suppress dissent when you are in a war, when you are engaging in military activity, and therefore when you can claim dissent cannot be allowed because it's dangerous to the security of the nation.

the societal rhetoric of war and militarism is that ..

military prepares for war, millions of Americans are seeking a way to stop it.

Dennis was born in 1946 and raised in a family of migrant farm workers, when white people still did that in the USA. His early years consisted of following the planting and harvest seasons around the USA. He was the eldest child, and at age 13, his father informed him that they could no longer afford to feed him. So, Dennis left home and survived to reach age 18, after many hair-raising experiences. He then enlisted in the military and eventually saw combat in Southeast Asia, which most men never completely recover from. He was an army medic and believed in the American dream. People from his background often had Horatio Alger tales as their comforting mythology, dreaming of improving their station in life one day. Dennis also had to good fortune to be born and raised during the , when the greatest middle class in world history existed. There is truth in the myth, but myth and reality did not mesh well for that myth’s true believers, as there is a distinct class system in America (and more than a little racism), although . Dennis took the American mythology seriously, and was such a flag-waving patriot that during his military days he got into fistfights with fellow American soldiers who criticized the USA. Even though he lived the violent life of a soldier, he deeply cared about humanity and wanted to help people.

American Rhetoric: Martin Luther King, Jr: A Time to …

On the 4 April 1967 exactly one year before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. highlighted three major challenges to human security: racism, capitalism, and militarism. Already in 1915, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom had identified these challenges and articulated a fourth: patriarchy.


Patriarchy continues to exist in most societies today, preventing gender equality and perpetuating other systems that sustain it—including militarism, capitalism, and racism. These four systems of power work together to generate and perpetuate a culture of violence, greed, and discrimination that undermine peace and justice around the world.

The Problem Is Militarism, Not 9/11 | Shakesville

AS ANARCHISTS believe the bosses will resist a
revolution, it follows that we accept the need
for armed force to defend the revolution. But
anarchists also oppose militarism, that includes
standing armies controlled by the state with
officers who have special privileges like extra
rations, better quarters, saluting, etc. So what
alternative do anarchists propose?

Militarism | Corporations_ate_my_BABY!

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