Also, "there was no let-up in the demand [for alcohol] at any time" .

Dunbar" on one of the checks was the signature of AlCapone.

The defense presented its case in a single day. Defense attorneystried to present Capone as a horse-racing addict who lost as much moneyas his businesses earned during the years in question. (Gamblinglosses are only deductible against gambling winnings, so even if thedefense testimony was accepted, it would hardly have absolved Caponefrom his duty to pay taxes on the income from his manybusinesses.) Bookie testified that Capone lost "three or four hundred dollars" at a timebetting on horses, and that he was a consistent loser. , another bookie,estimated that Capone lost $60,000 betting with him in 1927. After its parade of six bookies had ended, the defense rested its case,having shown that Capone might have lost $327,000 in six years ofbetting.

Happy and lucky to be alive, Torrio handed down the business to Capone.

With the power struggle, the number of bodies also rise, and the deaths all have Capone to thank, for he introduced the most powerful way to gain control, smuggling.

He was finally captured in 1938 and imprisoned

His crime organization was built upon crime schemes and alcohol smuggling.

“As the profits from beer and "alky-cooking" [illicit distilling] rolled in, young Capone acquired more finesse-particularly finesse in the management of politics and politicians” ("Alcohol and Al Capone").

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Capone served time in federal penitentiaries in Atlanta andat Alcatraz. In November 1939, after serving less than eightyears, he was released while suffering from paresis caused by untreatedsyphilis. On January 25, 1947, Capone died of a stroke in PalmIsland, Florida.

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Temperance sentiment today can also be seen in the very high taxation of alcohol products. Chicago consumers face seven different taxes every time they buy single spirits. Chicago’s liquor taxes are higher than in any other metropolitan area including New York. They’re almost twice the rate of surrounding areas in Illinois and neighboring states. Chicago residents are still denied fair and competitive prices.

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His excellent study reveals that a small group of Chicago businessmen that outsmarted Capone and saw a parallel for modern society in this movement against corruption and organized crime.

as the production and sale of alcohol went ..

Not only did Capone have a constant supply of alcohol from Canadian criminals, but Capone also managed to get all types of alcohol with Chicago being good distance to the border of Canada, Capone and his organization easily made millions from this.

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These private ventures included prosecuting the gangsters responsible for election crimes during the Pineapple Primary; establishing a crime lab to assist in gang-busting; underwriting the costs of the investigation of the Jake Lingle murder; stigmatizing Capone; and protecting the star witnesses for the prosecution during the pretrial period of Capone’s income tax evasion case.