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Children under age 12 are advised to sit in the rear seat and use age-appropriate restraints. now is asking manufactures of vehicles with rear side air bags to ship vehicles to dealers with the systems deactivated. If the side air bags pose no significant threat to children, they can be activated.

Can children ride in the front seat when there is a passenger-side air bag?

Air bags have been proved effective in doing the job for whichthey were designed. However, the air bag that saves an adult's lifecan kill a child. An infant in a rear-facing safety seat should neverbe placed in the front seat of a motor vehicle with a passenger-sideair bag, where he or she would be in the bag's deployment zone. Evenchildren in front-facing safety seats are better off in the back seatof the vehicle; car seats in the front typically position the childseveral inches closer to the dashboard and therefore much closer tothe air bag when it opens. Any unbelted occupant (or one wearing alap belt alone) is at serious of risk of fatal injury because he orshe may be thrown too close to the air bag and hit by the rapidlyopening bag.

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Air bags deploy and deflate instantly (about one tenth of asecond) This means that the air bag cannot smother the child. It isthe force of the deployment that can be deadly to a child positionedtoo close to the deploying air bag.

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Infants in rear-facing car seats should never be placed in the front seat of a car with a passenger-side air bag. While air bags provide effective protection for adult passengers, the great forces produced by an inflating air bag can injure or even kill a child. In fact, the safest place for children of all ages to ride is in the rear seat of the vehicle. If there is no other option, children in forward-facing child seats can ride in the front seat, but the passenger seat should be placed as far back from the dashboard (and air bag) as possible.

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Air bags may cause serious eye injuries to children, according to a new study in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy ofOphthalmology. Researchers advise that infants and children should travel in the rear seat of vehicles to minimize their risk of eye injury.