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An argument that the author presents for Affirmative Action is that of the 'merit principal', which states that people should be awarded for possesing the highest merit.

Is affirmative action antiquated and unneeded in 21st century America.

If Powell had concluded with his assessment of the Medical School'sfour justifications, Bakke would have left universityaffirmative action in a precarious situation. However, he didn't stopthere. In an earlier ruling on Bakke's lawsuit, the California SupremeCourt had forbidden the Medical School to make any use of race orethnicity in its admissions decisions. Powell thought this went toofar. Given higher education's protected interest in“diversity,” and given that a student's race or ethnicitymight add to diversity just in the same way that her age, workexperience, family background, special talents, foreign languagefluency, athletic prowess, military service, and unusualaccomplishments might, Powell vacated that portion of the CaliforniaSupreme Court's order.

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In this sense, it would seem unimaginable to live without affirmative action....

“Anyone interested in higher education should want to contemplate, on behalf of colleges and universities, students and faculty, alumni and paying parents, the fate of affirmative action(Chace, M William 20).

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Affirmative action is an attempt to correct unequal distribution of benefits (status, income and wealth, power and authority), and burdens associated with ethnic and gender differences.

Affirmative action in the United States is a set of laws, ..

The American Council on Education published a report in 1997 entitled, "The Case for Affirmative Action."

One issue of the Stanford University Magazine focused on this topic in 1996. The articles can be found at the following address. This address takes the reader to the article against affirmative action. Links to the "for" article and other related articles appear on the left-hand side of the page.

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One possible outcome is that the court will force colleges to show they have tried these forms of affirmative action before they turn to race. Another is a decision holding that racial preferences can be no larger — in terms of SAT points, for instance — than class preferences, says Stuart Taylor Jr., a co-author of a critical of affirmative action.

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The definition of affirmative action is as follows: Affirmative action means taking positive steps to recruit, hire, train, and promote individuals from groups that have traditionally been discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, disability, or other characteristics....

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The focus of current research is an attempt to either justify or deny the use of affirmative action within current practices through various higher education institutions, and though any one person could potentially be swayed to side with the rationale to maintain its use or disregard, the facts are quite clear that the future of this practice is unclear....