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The central idea behind the adversary criminal process is thatproceedings should be structured as a dispute between two theoretically equalparties who enjoy almost unlimited freedom in defining legal and factualboundaries of their battle.

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The adversary system is defined as a system in which evidence is controlled by lawyers. That is, by people versed in sophistry, a technique of lying.

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Academics tell law students the adversary system is the best system of justice, but few, if any, know when and how it began. There is no entry for ‘adversary system’ in J.H. Baker’s Professor John Langbein wrote in

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Peter is faced against the Sinister Six with a bullet in his hip and takes the time to say Electro was his greatest adversary and it was an honor to fight him.

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The entrance of Revan and his Jedi into the war marked the conflict's turning point. Revan's military strategies and tactics, coupled with Malak's courage and determination, saw the pair become the foremost heroes of the war. Although the was a disaster, a recent breakthrough in had resulted in the construction of the , and Revan and Malak were able to effectively use the abilities of a fleet of these new ships to prevent the Mandalorians from escaping with stocks of material from the . Public opinion of the pair, combined with his desire to register his displeasure with the Jedi Council, motivated to give Revan direct control over the entire . With his newfound authority, Revan spearheaded the Republic war effort and began to steadily push the Mandalorians back, and though Malak lacked Revan's military genius, he exemplified himself as a capable war leader. Malak eventually earned a reputation for being a headstrong warrior that charged into danger recklessly. Together, Revan and Malak Taris, Cassus Fett at , and much of the Mandalorian at . Yet, despite such victories, the Jedi Masters whom they had left behind believed that Revan, Malak, and the Jedi that had joined them were only offering easy solutions to the galaxy's problems, fearing that many woes would result from their recklessness. As the war progressed, concerns were raised over Revan and Malak's behavior. They gradually changed from the idealistic men that had first rebelled against the Jedi Council and began to adopt characteristics similar to their Mandalorian adversaries. To Revan and Malak, ultimate victory became all that mattered, and in order to ensure it, the two Jedi met their enemies' brutal, merciless tactics with a ruthlessness of their own. Over the course of the war, Malak and Revan developed a cold, calculating disposition that was uncharacteristic of Jedi and grew to despise weakness and indecisiveness. "Moral shortcuts" became common practice under their leadership, along with a number of other unsavory acts. Though there were some who frowned upon such actions, the vast majority of the galaxy cared only that Revan and Malak were winning the war and hailed them as heroes.

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This line has been adhered to in the application of theSixth Amendment to the States and the Court has now held ''that no offense canbe deemed 'petty' for purposes of the right to trial by jury where imprisonmentfor more than six months is authorized.'' A defendant who is prosecuted in asingle proceeding for multiple petty offenses, however, does not have aconstitutional right to a jury trial, even if the aggregate of sentencesauthorized for the offense exceeds six months.

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By the time Malak arrived on the ship, Shan, Onasi and Revan had already disabled the tractor beam, Karath in the process. Malak encountered the trio on their way to the docking bay, hindering their escape. Conferring with his three adversaries, Malak discovered that Revan still had no knowledge of his time as a Dark Lord. Amused, Malak revealed to Revan the truth of his former identity, which Shan confirmed to the shocked Revan. Malak then used the Force to create a around Shan and Onasi and prepared to kill his former Master. Revan proved himself to be a capable swordsman, however, holding his own against the Dark Lord before being caught in stasis, rendering him defenseless. Meanwhile, Shan and Onasi were freed from stasis, and Shan intervened so that Revan and Onasi could escape, though her actions came at the cost of being defeated and captured by Malak.