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Far too often the cultural conversation around abortion is reduced to a battle of caricatures. The pro-life side is frequently portrayed as angry religious extremists who are out of touch with culture and fundamentally anti-woman. Meanwhile the pro-choice side is often depicted as heartless feminist zealots who are anti-God and pro-murder.

In fact, pro choice advocates are not denying the fact that at conception a human life is formed.

Like Hawkins, Penny Young Nance—head of Concerned Women for America, a network that’s both pro-life and Christian—rejects the core principles of the Women’s March and sees younger women continuing to side against abortion. (By some , millennials and younger generations are more pro-life than their parents.)

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That middle way still seems far off for fellow pro-lifers like Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life president. Though she sees a place for her organization in today’s women’s movement, the conversation between pro-life and pro-choice women hasn’t been moving in that direction, she said.

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The Bible speaks against the murder of the innocent.

Belief and support from the feminist activists was the beginning of the pro-choice legal movement.

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Those who call themselves pro-choice and support abortion arguments for pro choice (which is approximately half of all Americans), maintain that whatever their personal beliefs, the right to impose those beliefs on anyone else is not right.

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The truth is that when interviewing hundreds of thousands of women who have had abortions, the facts prove that they don't feel the sense of relief and equality promised afterwards.