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Western Australia and South Australia adopted similar legislation, so that Aborigines who no longer lived in their traditional societies often had to live on reserves under government administration.

This culture puzzled rather than satisfied Aborigines, to whom it had little relevance.

There were a great many different Aboriginal groups, each with their own individual culture, belief structure, and language (approximately 250 different languages at the time of European contact). These cultures overlapped to a greater or lesser extent, and evolved over time.

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In Canberra, on Australia Day, 1972, Aborigines set up a tent embassy in front of Parliament House.

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How are the indigenous Aboriginal people treated in Australia?

In South Australia, though the Aboriginal Lands Trust had been set up in 1966, it was difficult to reach agreement about land grants in the north-west of the state.

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Staffed of various times by Aborigines from across Australia, the embassy members demanded crown and reserve land, as well as significant monetary compensation for land taken in the past.

How are Aboriginal people treated in Australia?

In 1966 the south Australian government granted Aborigines the right to control Aboriginal reserves, and passed a law to prohibit acts of discrimination against any racial group.

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Until well into the 1960s in each Australian state, control over Aboriginal lives - over travel, employment, possessions, marriage and other personal matters - remained oppressive.

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In many cases former mission land and reserves had passed to Aboriginal control and ownership, a process begun by the South Australian Aboriginal Lands Trust legislation in 1966.

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The emphasis moved from the suppression of Aboriginal culture and the disintegration of the race towards the Aborigines' right to retain their culture and identity within the Australian community.