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Analyze, identify, and extract information. Illuminate automates the extraction of indicators and provides traceability to activity context.

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The team works together to define the set of alternatives that require a decision or priority. The list of alternatives are added into the system to be scored.

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The Organizational Systems Security Analyst™ (OSSA™) is an international practical and technical IT-Security certification course that turns IT-security professionals into IT-security practitioners and teaches them how to practically secure enterprise networks and systems at a technical level. It is designed specially for 3 broad groups of people:

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Determine the extent of compromises and network posture. Illuminate enables analysts to assess the scope of threats and identify required actions.

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Create, test, and task signatures and countermeasures. Illuminate empowers analysts to identify what IDS/IPS sensors available, creates and tests sensor-specific rules, and tasks sensors with the rules.