The song of songs, which is Solomon's.

Solomon’s songs were quite extensive with 1,005 of them and this was Solomon’s Song of Songs. The expression “Song of Songs” simply means the Song that was the best, the finest of Solomon’s songs, and you have it in your Bible. It was the finest song that man ever wrote. And, he was the wisest man who ever wrote. All the kings of the earth came up to Jerusalem to hear of his wisdom, of his knowledge, of his understanding.

So why a blog on the Song of Solomon?

Solomon's sedan chair, or portable throne, features the workmanship of the Daughters of Jerusalem. This illustrates the nurturing, sheltering, supporting, and helping role God originally gave to Eve, but which is characteristic of the Church as the Bride of Christ. Gold symbolizing deity, silver for redemption and purple for royalty are mentioned. God Himself has a portable chariot-throne, described for us in Ezekiel 1.

like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon

King Solomon made himself a palanquin
from the wood of Lebanon.
He made its posts of silver, its back of gold, its seat of purple;
it was lovingly wrought within by the daughters of Jerusalem.

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Tonight is our final night to study Solomon. We’ve spent the past 3 months on the kings — Saul, David and Solomon. It is time now to move on to the prophets. Next week we will begin studying Elijah, Daniel and Jonah. I’ve had my dear friends feverishly helping me get the material ready for Elijah. But, for now, I’ve got to give Solomon a grand send off.

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Hinds and gazelle are swift footed animals and indicate that love, (and also sexual desire), when awakened, intensify and easily push us further than we intended to go. Two extremes exist in the spiritual life. One is the extreme of legalism, traditionalism, mindless ritual and dead orthodoxy. The other danger is excessive emotionalism and the seeking-after of religious experience as an end in itself. The latter leads to deceptive and even false spiritual realities. Unless the believer stays grounded in the Word and in the mundane world, he or she can easily be side-tracked from a balanced walk of faith. Shulamite warns her companions to not stir up nor awaken love until the proper time and place. The advice of this verse is repeated in 3:5 and 8:4.

"Falling in love" as an experience of young lovers has a certain innocence and beauty about it, but seldom do the lovers see one another clearly. Time and further interaction are necessary for them to withdraw their projections on each other and to discover what they really have in common. When an unaware person, who does not know himself or herself very well, first discovers the opposite sex, or first experiences a real dose of the grace of God, the resulting awakening in the unconscious can be accompanied by powerful projections onto others. Carl Jung's goal in his approach to psychology was what he called "Individuation." My close friend Kenny Ammann has compared Jung's concept with Biblical wholeness in a paper prepared for a Stanford psychology class

"...the aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith." (I Timothy 1:5)

It is now a season of rest in the story of Solomon and Shulamite. An interlude of time of unknown duration follows before the narrative continues. "The summary of the first part of the Song is this: First in the opening section she sees the value of the cross, but not the full reality of the life of resurrection nor the power of it. Second, the peril of the first phase is that of being over-indulgent in a form of inward communion which leaves her exhausted. Third, submission to the cross and the true meaning of dedication with its proper application to life is still unknown to her. Since there has been no real proving of her, she has not yet actually taken up the cross. She still has not walked far enough in that way which brings the testing of the cross. Fourth, still another peril is that she only realizes as yet how precious the Lord has been to her. In other words, she has only been on the receiving end of the fruits of the Lord's labor on her behalf, but has not allowed the Lord to claim the fruits of His labor in her. That is, she has the Lord, but the Lord has not yet gained all of her." (Nee, p40)

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Attendance Chart — Our attendance chart this month is a cloth pouch. Each class session they will put a “gold coin” in their pouch. By the end of the month, they should be rich. I put their names on the pouches with glow in the dark fabric paint. They really like turning the light off and seeing their names. I know this has nothing to do with Solomon, but they get a kick out of it.