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At the same time, they were in need of newaircracraft to expand their fleet; so funding and development of inflight kitchens in these rather remote areas was noteconomically feasible....the problem was not the system, but the quality of food products being prepared for the system...[Kenneth Parratt] installed equipment such as high-velocity blast freezers and low-temperature storage freezers...Products produced in thisfaciltiy were shipped around the world to the Pan American commissaries...TWA was also producing frozen entrees at its flight kitchens at Orly Field in Paris and at Laguardia Airport in New York City...The 1950s was also the era for the development of many standardized products suitable for use in inflight foodservices...The boarding of glass carbonated beverages bottles had been a major problem...The new cans were not only lighter and disposable, but their flexibility helpedalleviate the explosion problem...The advent of the 707 jet aircracraft brought fine restaurant dining to first-class passengersin the late 1960s.

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In the same year the New York Merchants' Coffee House opened, later earning the reputation as being "birthplace of the American Union." Coffeehouses were considered somewaht more civilized than taverns for gentlemen to meet it, although alcohol and food were served in both.

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One thing I love about Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford is that he doesn’t take anything for granted. At least, that’s my take on the second in command in the State of Maryland. No, this is not campaign season. At the same time, being a Republican, he knows by virtue that his tenure is only as meaningful as the lives he touches today. Even in a potential second term, he understands - I think - that every single day he is given, he has to make it count. Often, those in his position can become distant. Folks, I saw this man crossing Greenmount Avenue today and it made me proud to see it. You do not see it often - even by local elected officials.

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Maria Montessori’s teaching approach went through many ups and downs. From being heavily supported by the media and American people, to being almost forgotten and erased from American education, and finally breaking through in the 1960s and still being around today, the movement has gone through a lot in the past century. Although the Montessori method is used in many states across the country, its growth is still quite slow considering the efforts that have been put forth for the movement to thrive. The slow growth of the movement can be attributed to the still present skepticism of educational institutions. Over the course of one hundred years the Montessori movement strived to become effectively implemented into American education, and while it has succeeded in doing so, the movement is slowly growing because tensions exist between the Montessori movement and American educational institutions and policy makers (Whitescarver and Cossentino, p. 2581 & 2589).

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Susan Eaton, a researcher on Civil Rights issues, wrote an in depth account of the experiences of sixty-five of the earliest METCO participants, a book called “The Other Boston Bussing Story.” Now adults, they reflected on their experiences both good and bad in the revolutionary program. One main issue they had with being placed in these suburban schools was their feelings when placed in either high performing or low performing classes; both caused problems. When a black student was placed in a high performing class, he or she was often the only black student in this class. They described a feeling of isolation and unworthiness. They also described feeling that “the smallest slip would land (them) in trouble” (Eaton, 71). The adults Eaton interviewed described a constant feeling of need to prove themselves because of a believed pre-conceived notion by their educators and white peers that black students were not as smart as their white counterparts. The METCO students also reported that they and their other African American friends were placed in low performance classes even when they were excelling students academically (Eaton, 72). Eaton identifies the three major possibilities for the causes of these problems with the tracking system and METCO students. One of these is the possibility that the suburban schools had higher standards than the schools the METCO students had come from. The second is that long-term METCO students still underperformed in comparison to their white peers, despite having the same education. This could be because of difference is very early childhood or because of the unique problems. The third and most troubling issue is that black METCO students were being placed in lower performing classes because of their teachers’ and administrators prejudices (Eaton, 72).