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The spider is resting on a rock, quietly and patiently for it's moment to make connections, literally and figuratively.
​A3.) Answers may vary.

A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman

Inspired is another emotion that could describe the author, Whitman, because while watching this spider wait patiently for the right time to build connections, he implies that to his own life and decides to try to be more life the patient spider would be, because in the end it is worth is to wait to make strong and meaningful connections.
A5.) The main idea that Whitman is trying to get across is that no matter what you are, weather you are a tiny insect, a human being, an animal, etc., you are constantly making connections to the atmosphere around you.

A Noiseless Patient Spider - GradeSaver

A Noiseless Patient Spider.

The theme depicts the difficulty of human life, and how hopeless it can seem.
Imagery is very common in Walt Whitman poem "A Noiseless Spider"
Figurative Language
Whitman uses various imagery to symbolize how the speaker feels and he (Whitman) is represented as the spider and if the spider is the speakers soul, then the surrounding is the universe.
In my opinion the mood of the poem is desperate, lonely, and helpless but at the same time is hopeful to because of the spider's(speaker) determination to find a connection with someone .

Walt Whitman
The first example is in the first line of the poem "A noiseless patient spider".