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Now, in a spiritual sense, "we Christians profess to be day people, not night people; therefore our work ought to be day work, not night work; our conduct such as will bear the eye of day, and such has no need of the veil of night" [Edmunds], (1Th 5:8).5:6-11 Most of mankind do not consider the things of another world at all, because they are asleep; or they do not consider them aright, because they sleep and dream.

Neighbors of the house where Kimber was found said there had been a party the night before.

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Paul emphatically brands drunkenness as "excess," a word properly signifying "recklessness"--"incapable of saving," or denying itself anything, and naturally passing through this want of self-restraint into profligacy--rightly translated "riot" in , , as the corresponding adverb is rendered "riotous living" in .

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The cab took him from a club in downtown Greensboro club which has a “college night” on Thursdays. A witness claims to have seen Mario drinking at the bar and he had a fake ID along with his other identification. Tests showed that he had a blood/alcohol level of .28.

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Since hypersomnia has so many possible causes, it may take a consulation with your doctor to figure out what is triggering your excessive sleepiness and how best to approach it. If you constantly feel tired despire getting your , it is important to talk to a doctor. Some possible treatments include medications that were developed to reverse anesthesia, stimulants, and oddly enough, sleeping medication at night to improve the quality of sleep.

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.--As the connection of sleep with night has already been sufficiently worked out, and is not touched upon again in , the first clause seems only to be inserted for the sake of bringing out the second, and to justify the sudden introduction of the words, "and be sober." It may thus be paraphrased: "I say, 'and be sober too,' for as they that sleep in the night, so they that be drunken are drunken in the night." It is implied that the streets of heathen Thessalonica were seldom affronted with the common English spectacle of drunken men by daylight; while among the Jews it was proof positive of sobriety to say, "It is but the third hour of the day" ().

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When the British, for example, an ambivalent, episodic, beer-drinking culture, go to France, an integrated, wine-drinking culture, they exhibit a tendency to drink wine in beer quantities and display all of the behavioural excesses associated with their native drinking patterns, with the result that young British tourists "are now renowned in France and elsewhere in Europe for their drinking and drunkenness" (McDonald, 1994). In Spain, by contrast, the young males appear more sensitive to alien cultural influences, and have adopted, along with beer-drinking, the anti-social behaviour patterns of their beer-drinking guests.