This is true of all the drugs we have studied. Consider:

In this paper we shall consider a brief history of cannabis, the parallels of legalizing medical marijuana and prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s with regard to ethical egoism and utilitarian theories....

That is why 20 states (including Washington D.C) have legalized medical marijuana in their states.

Those of us who have been C.A. members for a while have heard questions and statements like this before; perhaps the words were even our own. Over time, virtually every single one of us has realized that our real problem is not cocaine or any specific drug, it is the disease of addiction.

The question is should medicinal marijuana be legalized.

TRADITION THREE: The only requirement for C.A. membership is a desire to stop using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.

Why is it that we have such negative feelings about marijuana.

All people realize that dealing drugs is evil. It isdefinitely illegal. It promotes and encourages sin, causing harmand grief to many people. When you buy drugs, you share in thedealers' sin and you support him financially when you should berebuking them. You are having direct fellowship in his sin. Note2 John 9-11.

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According to Lauter, California has the largest market for medical marijuana in the U.S, which is illegal under the federal laws under the Controlled Substances Act....

Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the ..

On the other hand, the health staffs believe that, legalization of marijuana is the best for treatment and relieve pain of different diseases such as glaucoma, AIDS and cancer.

It is the most widely used and abused mind-altering drug in the ..

For example, imagine that you have just run out of one drug and cannot get any more. What would you use for a substitute? Alcohol for heroin, methamphetamine for cocaine, prescriptions for whatever, vice-versa—the list could go on and on and it really wouldn’t matter. The point is that addicts like us soon find ourselves unable to stop using the substitute. Whatever drug we use, the problem of not being able to stop resurfaces, often bigger than before.

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When simply for the sake of pleasing himself or his friends, aChristian participates in activities that are known to harm hishealth, that person has abused his stewardship and misused hisGod-given health. Yet this is exactly what happens when peopleabuse drugs.

70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs

Finally, if a person moves on to the stronger drugs andbecomes dependent, notice this description of withdrawal, byHenry L. Giordano, Commissioner of the Bureau of Narcotics: