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Just turned 70 – had a badly botched infant circexcessive skinremoved with significant scarring and irreperable nerve damage – resultleft me unable to enjoy any kind of mutual sex activity – not only isit non-productive, but it is just plain painful. There has beenconsiderable emotional damage over the years as well, plus eventuallythe complete estrangement from my entire family – I feel mutilated andraped – at this point, I hope I will live long enough to see the end ofthis monstrous practice, and the best would be to see it made totallyillegal as FGM is now -

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I come from a family of civil servants: my uncle was a NYC police officer and my grandfather a fire battalion chief. Because of this, I'm personally interested in Stacy's unique perspective.

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...I was circumcised as an infant. I discovered this at about the age ofseven, and I still remember my anger, my childish outrage. Who gavethem the right to do this to me? For much of my life I had no idea whatI was missing. Now I do. Now I understand that my penis was mutilatedand desensitized because of anti-sexual values that originated withperverted religious loonies and then were adopted by the medicalprofession.

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Hi, I was just a baby - I couldn’t stop them. Mymom said they hadto tie me down and also hold me down so they would not screw up. Butthey did anyway. They cut off too much skin and when I was younger Ilooked like a peeled banana. I feel like only part of a guy. I havenever been able to accept the fact that someone cut part of my penisoff when I was a baby. ...I have never been able to accept the fact that someone cut part of mypenis off when I was a baby. The sheer stupidity of it used to hauntevery waking moment of my life. I was jealous of the guys I knew thathad been able to retain their 4skins. My brother had his first soncircumcised and then he had to take him in for "corrective surgery" tofix something that should have not been done in the first place. Hesaid "NO!!" to his other 2 sons and I said "NO!!" to [having] my soncircumcised. He has no problems with his penis or his 4skin. I saw alot of screwed-up penises in school and the YMCA when I was younger. Itreally freaks me out when I hear people say that they are going to havetheir son cut.

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I do take circumcision very personal. I hate thatit wasn't mychoice to decide weather to get rid of the foreskin or not. Sex is oneof the greatest things in life. Why mess with your sons penis? Are yousick? I hate my mom for circumcising me. Im 5ft 8in. My penis is 6Inches. When i get a good erection sometimes my penis hurts like itstrying to jump out of its skin. I'm a handsome guy believe me i hadnice women but i'm insecure. Men like me wants the big booby girls whowants the 8inch dicks. It sucks how men can't enlarge the penis becausethey are circumcised. Why cross out the best in life?

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I am a Latin American man who has beencircumcised. I did not have achoice in the matter being an infant at the time. I can wholeheartedlystate that I wish I had my foreskin. ...The real issue here is choice and the fact that there is no, NOscientific proof that circumcision is beneficial in any way and all itdoes is desensitize the penis. Males lose about 35 to 40% ofsensitivity when circumcised, all based on religious mumbo jumbo and aperpetuated lie that circumcision makes the penis more hygienic andsafer.

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Forging this kind of relationship created such a sense of trust that when the white police officer who trained me killed a young African-American male in an incident that was ruled to be a justifiable shooting in the mid 90s, there was no finger-pointing between the African-American community and the police department.