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Tabitha had her mother's powers, but Adam only developed them near the very end of the series (much to Darrin's relief).The show, which could have been forgettable fluff in lighter hands, was buoyed by intelligent writing and sharp performances, and as a result, Bewitched became a favorite with critics and audiences and even won a few Emmys.Over the years, many people have criticized Darrin's hatred of magic, but not all of it came from his reactionary fear of non-conformity; he also could never have survived in Samantha's world due to his lack of magical powers.

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Bonnie Grape is a Caucasian woman who is, approximately, in her mid 50’s and lives in a small town of Endora, Iowa with her four children, and has lost her husband seven years ago.

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While witches and warlocks look human, their innate magical powers and vastly longer lifespans put them safely outside of the mainstream human species.