Is Your Family Dysfunctional? | What Is Codependency?

To cope with family dysfunctions some children may become the class clown, or the life of the party when away from home and in the presence of their peers. Still others withdrawn into themselves and live a life in social isolation.

There are some features and characteristics that are common to dysfunctional families.

Badly executed parenting styles can be a major cause of perpetuating dysfunctional family roles. One such behavior is using kids as pawns. It could manifest itself in one parent manipulating a child in order to get a negative response from the other parent. This often happens in separated families, but can also occur in intact families. This type of behavior is known as triangulation.

Thanksgiving: A time to celebrate family dysfunction?

Some of the impact family dysfunction may have on children is the development of various disorders and negative behaviors. Children involved with a dysfunctional family unit could have . They could drift into drug or . At times, the blame for the family disruptions may be placed upon a child, even though it may clearly not be the truth.