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There are reports that at least one execution in January 2009 and two in 2008 may have taken place by shooting. Over the past few years, reported executions have been almost exclusively by beheading, despite the prevalence of media discussion of the possibility of death by stoning. There are reports that Saudis have exposed the body (with head sewn back on) of the condemned to public indignity, including crucifixion, after execution for the crime of highway robbery resulting in death.

Is there a very strong link between the death penalty and human rights?

Robbery Not Resulting in Death.
Robbery is punishable by death as hadd, but in most schools (including the Hanbali school) only when resulting in death. Otherwise, the death penalty might apply as ta’zir under circumstances such as recidivism or where the offense is aggravated. For instance, a group armed robbery in which a woman was bound, gagged and held at knifepoint in her home and an offense involving rape and armed robbery led to executions, reportedly, at least in part on the grounds of armed robbery. For a fuller explanation, see our comments.

Reasons for death penalty as deterrence

Rape Not Resulting in Death.
Rape is punishable by death as hadd or ta’zir, depending on the circumstances. For a fuller explanation, see our comments—because the evidentiary requirements for this hadd are demanding, it is more likely that the death penalty is applied as ta’zir for aggravated rape. For instance, rape is reported to result in the death penalty, and further investigation shows that the offender was a serial rapist who secluded and robbed his victims.

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Why does it matter if the death penalty is a deterrent or not? It is commanded by God in Scripture. This is all we need to know. We don’t have to make excuses for it.

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The reason I support the use of the State imposing the death penalty is that this has been the teaching of the Faith since its beginning. I see no great revival of the Faith in the middle of the 20th Century that would give anyone the idea that it was possible that the Church was teaching error for 2000 years. I do see a crippling of the masculinity of many Catholic men and the clergy.

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Drug Trafficking Not Resulting in Death.
According to Amnesty International, under Royal Decree no. 39 of 2005, the death penalty is applicable for the first offense of drug trafficking, receiving drugs from a trafficker, importing, exporting, manufacturing extracting or growing drugs, or for the recidivist offense of circulating drugs “by selling, donation, distribution, delivery, reception or transportation.”

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If you looked at differences between crime rates in zip codes, towns, cities, and counties within each state or between all the world’s countries, with and without the death penalty, and their crime and murder rates that would be clear. Some are high, some low, some medium, whether in a death penalty jurisdiction or not.

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Drug Possession.
An article published in Al-Adl indicates that not all Saudi appellate courts agree on the correct application of narcotics laws to those who possess drugs—some arguing that those who possess requisite amounts should be presumed to be engaged in trafficking, others arguing that possession should be considered trafficking based on other factors. (A finding of trafficking could trigger the death penalty under Royal Decree no. 39 of 2005).