A Class Divided explores the nature of prejudice

Jane Elliott was an inspired educator in the United States who created the Blue Eyed/Brown Eyed training first in schools and then later with adults. The idea was to help people see their own discrimination. In my REAL HOPE program I also taught as a clown her method by dividing my class by eye colour and saying to children only blue eyed children could be clowns. I then played Chinese Whispers with these children and excluded the Brown Eyed children, then we debriefed about how it felt to be discriminated against and how we over come this. The key thinking here is how we can include all people and embrace diversity as something that is wonderfully unique rather than something to fear.

A Class Divided (1985)-Prejudice and discrimination in a 3rd grade class. [55:54] - Vumble

7.8 Although Jane Elliott most frequently cites examples of discrimination against people of color, she also talks about sexism, ableism, and heterosexism.

it can also be the basis for prejudice and discrimination

divided her class into two groups for a lesson in discrimination--one group being ..