Some events can ultimately change the course of your life. For Grace Kelly, meeting her future husband Prince Rainier of Monaco was such an occasion. Already established as the Princess of Hollywood Royalty, the Oscar winning movie star was introduced to her future husband, Prince Rainer III of Monaco on Friday, May 6 1955 on a brief visit to Monaco during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. It was during this chance encounter that her destiny was sealed.
Almost a year to the day after their meeting, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III were married. Attended by 700 guests, cheered by thousands and watched by millions all over the world, the adored Hollywood actress married the Prince in front of an admiring crowd. Celebrated as one of the most beautiful brides of all time, her gown was fashioned from silk taffeta, an abundance of peau de soie, tulle and a 125 years old Brussels rose point lace. She carried an elegant bouquet, exquisite in its simplicity, of hand tied Lily of the Valley. A pertinent choice of flower – Lily of the Valley is a symbol of spring and the return of happiness, as well as being the flower of French Labour Day, traditionally known as La Fete du Mugnet (Lily of the Valley Day). So entwined in Monaco’s rich heritage, the royal bouquet was an image of natural beauty and elegance, qualities Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco was renowned for.
Inspired by the aesthetic and symbolism of the iconic bouquet, the Morpheus London team has commissioned ‘The Grace Chandelier’ a bespoke, handcrafted installation that will feature in the entrance of the ‘THIRTY NINE, Monte Carlo’ private members club.


In this book, Ritchie briefly recalls his NDE and what happened later including the real miracles he has seen in his years as practice as a physician and psychiatrist. What's more, using plain, every-day examples of life, he offers penetrating insights into what is wrong with American life today - and how it can be set right. What has happened to him has changed many lives.

Encounter With Destiny - Chapter 14

Andrew Murray catches up with Simon Shaw in Morpheus’ recently completed club lounge at Six Senses Residences Courchevel. So Simon, important questions first, as one of the tallest English rugby players how is your skiing going? As you have already seen from our brief encounter on the slopes, whilst not being as technically proficient as […]