"The Greatest Team: 1927 Yankees 110-44 (.714)." Travel Watch.

Turning the daily results of a baseball team into something readable is no mean feat in itself. The author has tackled the 1927 Yankees and managed to make this bunch of winners come out a winner. This was the year the Bronx Bombers won the pennant by nineteen games and went on to become the first American League team ever to sweep the opposition in the World Series. The season was highlighted by several spectacular individual triumphs as well -- the Yankees' ""cyclonic slugging"" featured Babe Ruth's record-setting 60th home run and Lou ""Iron Horse"" Gehrig's 175 RBIs. It was not considered extraordinary for the team when, on the fourth of July, they trounced a contender by the ignominious scores of 12-1 and 21-1. Their accomplishment, though belonging to an era of raccoon coats and the Charleston, would lead future sports editors and sports-programmed computers to acclaim them as the #1 baseball team of all time. The commentary is crisp and well documented with contemporary newspaper clippings. The sunshine game at its brightest moment.

This Yankee Stadium press pin has a Threaded post, and was made by Dieges & Clust.

These people , obviously, know little or nothing about the game and are not truly baseball fans but are testimony to the Yanks compelling accomplishments....

" New York Yankees." Historic Baseball.

"ROLL OUT THE BARREL: THE 1927 Yankees." Baseball Guru.

Lou Gehrig’s “farewell speech”, given on July 4th, 1939, to more than 62,000 fans at New York City’s Yankee Stadium, has become a cornerstone in the history of baseball in America....